Gluten Free Cake Balls Near Me

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Gluten Free Cake Balls Near Me. Everything we make is ridiculously tasty & protein packed. Also, you’re adding frosting to the cake itself.

IT's ALL Gelatin. 100 edible art. See more at http//www
IT's ALL Gelatin. 100 edible art. See more at http//www from

Insert a lollipop stick into each ball. We are a dedicated gluten, dairy, soy protein, fish/shellfish, tree nut, and peanut free facility.most of our products are vegan.we work to avoid corn ingredients. The words of my sweet little girl coupled with the voice of my friends “you’ve gotta sell these” reverberated within me and with that, hannah’s gluten free bakery was born!

We use simple, quality ingredients to make food you will love, and as a certified b corp & zero waste facility you will feel good supporting a company doing things the right way.

Swap out shredded coconut for ground flaxseeds, almond meal or oat flour; I used freee foods (doves farm) as this is what’s available to me here in the uk (and it’s fantastic!), but if you don’t have access to it, look for other blends made specifically for bread or pizza dough. This type of flour blend is higher in protein and ideal for baking bread. Use bread flour / strong flour.